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Riccardo Berghella, Milan 1988, studied at Design Politecnico di Milano and worked for renowned Italian advertising agencies, like the Lorenzo Marini Group.

The experience Riccardo gained working alongside the founder of the art movement "Type Art" influenced him greatly and start "Ri-Art" in 2018; a multidisciplinary studio aimed at combining design and abstract art.

Now is a groundbreaking artist who creates paintings that are not only good for soul, but also for one’s health. With the revolutionary technology used in each painting the air is purified, making interior spaces healthier. This philosophy has lead
Berghella and his Green Concept to pursue the dream of an eco-sustainable world immersed in elegance, beauty and a healthier lifestyle. Berghella carefully chooses where to exhibit his paintings in venues that share this cutting-edge philosophy of both wellbeing and spiritual luxury.

How Berghella works

Luxury is not just in aesthetics; only when external and internal wellbeing merge can you live in true luxury. Berghella’s art
offers a unique experience between mental and physical wellbeing. There are currently only 51 of Berghella’s paintings worldwide made with Airlite® paint, a revolutionary technology based on natural materials.
This paint, activated by light, reduces pollutants in the air (including nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, methylene chloride, and benzene), fights bacteria, and reduces odours; making the most hygienic and healthy interior spaces. Theses artworks are united by themes of myth, nature, and the human condition.

His precious abstract paintings have been exhibited at the most prestigious events, including at Yves Saint Laurent and Biennale di Venezia. Berghella has received a number of awards such as the Hybrid Architecture & Design Award.

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